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Ok, let’s fix the loan system then (13/05/14)

The loan system, eh? It’s been a pretty trendy topic of conversation over these last few weeks. What has been traditionally been used to develop young players and give them precious first team football experience has lately seen teams seemingly exploit the system for their own gains over the last few seasons. The loan system… Keep Reading

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Recognizing Kosovo

On January 13th this year, FIFA granted permission to the Republic of Kosovo to play international friendly matches against other FIFA member associations. The permission was not granted without stipulations however and Kosovo will have to play their inaugural international football match in kits without national symbols, nor will they be permitted to air the… Keep Reading

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Just how important is possession of the ball?

Pep Guardiola’s influence on how football is played throughout Europe cannot be understated. His all-conquering Barcelona team’s ability to dominate possession of the ball proved a near impossible tactic to counter. “Overloaded midfield” and “recycled possession” became the in-vogue axioms as teams attempted to replicate Barca’s unique and seemingly unsurpassable methods. Bayern Munich’s more energetic… Keep Reading

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Money, money, money

What is it that a football fan admires most in a footballer? What is it that a football fan dislikes most in a footballer? What is it that makes a football fan feel so removed from the inside world of the beautiful game? You get home from a day’s work. You slump down on the… Keep Reading

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