Back-Post was founded in late 2012 by friends Simon Winter (me) and Kevin Frewen, two football mad, drinking buddies from Wexford in the south east of Ireland.

Although we found that there were dozens of excellent blogs and independent football websites around, we discovered that very few were based in Ireland. So for the price of a couple of pints, we got ourselves online.

Much to our bewilderment, people seemed to enjoy our musings and the website has gone from strength to strength since its inception.  We have even won an award (Most Entertaining Blog at the European Football Blog Awards 2013), which wasn’t a cash prize, but yeah….whatever. The site has received several other nominations for other awards, but through various combinations of bias/treachery/back-handers/politics/idiocy, we haven’t added to our trophy haul.

Right now, we have twenty or so contributors from around the world, who produce some great content on a myriad of topics.

We don’t claim to be anything we are not. We are a group of ordinary guys with some honest (and sometimes interesting, we hope) opinions on football.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the site. Drop us a mail at if you have any questions or suggestions etc. If you are an aspiring blogger and need any advice or help in getting set up, feel free to get in touch. We know how hard and often disheartening it is at times to get things going and we are happy to impart whatever wisdom we have gained.


Simon Winter