Klopp the right man for Liverpool?

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Brendan Rodgers’ seat on the Liverpool bench might still bear his imprint, but the markets are already open as to who his successor will be.

News broke over the weekend that Rodgers’ position as manager of Liverpool was no more and now the fans, the pundits and the bookmakers are all in speculation mode. After just over three years in the job, Rodgers took Liverpool from potential heroes to potential zeroes and whoever takes the manager’s role will certainly have an uphill challenge.

As news filtered through the football community a number of names hit the headlines as bookies, including Ladbrokes, Mr Green and BetVictor, offered odds on the likes of Carlo Ancelotti, Frank de Boer and Jurgen Klinsmann. However, one name stood out above all the others: Jurgen Klopp.

The former Borussia Dortmund manager certainly has the credentials to step up to the plate and guide Liverpool back towards the title, but can the potential manifest itself in reality?

Fans and Experts Weigh In

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One of the main talking points surrounding Klopp’s credentials is the presence of his assistant coach, Zeljko Buvac. The Bosnian is famed for his knowledge of football tactics and he could certainly correct some of the wrongs left by Rodgers’ rule. Getting the best out of talents such as Christian Benteke and Daniel Sturridge not only takes a firm but gentle hand, but an in-depth knowledge of space, movement and timing. Buvac could be the man to deliver the necessary strategy that will make use of Benteke’s size and Sturridge’s speed.

Another crucial area in which Klopp could help Liverpool is on the training pitch. Some have suggested that he’s an expert in all forms of training and with a mix of young talent and experienced veterans in the team there’s a definite need for considered training methods. Players such as James Milner are as experienced and skilled as they’re ever going to be so the trick for any manager is to ensure these guys stay fit throughout the season. Milner can still deliver the goods for another two years if his training is managed properly and that’s something Klopp could certainly help with. Indeed, if he’s able to get the strongest versions of experienced players such as Milner then Liverpool could easily become a threat once again.

Of course, football is a funny old game and all the credentials in the world can’t make up for poor performances on the pitch. How Liverpool’s players react to the latest managerial shift is now the main talking point among the fans, the pundits and the bookies and that means there’s a host of potential outcomes to speculate on.

Pick Your Source, Pick a Side

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Naturally, if you want to ante-up and speculate on how Liverpool will perform in the coming months under new management you’ll need to shop around. Online casino and sportsbook aggregators such as Casinos Online are a great place to get the lowdown on all the best deals as well as insights into the market. To supplement this information you should check out the latest press reports and tactical changes that occur after a new manager is appointed. A new manager always opens up new possibilities and that creates opportunities for anyone looking to speculate among friends or with established bookmakers.

The current set of variables at Liverpool present a number of interesting dynamics and the betting markets, moreover football forums, will be buzzing over the next few weeks. Indeed, whether you’re a fan of betting or simply a fan of the game, Liverpool’s decision to sack Rodgers should provide something to get your teeth into for the rest of the season.

Regardless of the odds, the pundits’ predictions or even the eventual outcome, the latest managerial news has certainly created an interesting dynamic at one of the England’s biggest clubs and in the Premier League as a whole.

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