Doing the 92 #9: Gresty Road, Crewe

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Blog number nine in the #Doingthe92 challenge is a visit to Gresty Road. Or Alexandra Stadium depending on whom you ask. I know in my last blog I said that this would be my blog about my visit to Chesterfield but I forgot about this one until I got an email from Prostate Cancer UK about fundraising. How could I forget something like this? Unlike the last time I did fundraising for them, I didn’t get any emails/phone calls until the Wednesday before the game. So you can imagine my surprise when I got told I was fundraising with such short notice. I didn’t even get a phone call until the day of the game.

Withn all the information I needed gathered and permission to go pitch side for photos again after emailing the club, I set off to Crewe. I had a nightmare trying to get to Crewe as I have to rely on trains and buses to get me to places. My train tickets told me that I had to make a change at Manchester Piccadilly, but I was already running into problems. The first train to Manchester was cancelled. Not to worry, they already had a replacement train at the ready…. Only that one “ran out of fuel” 200 yards from the Manchester Piccadilly platform edge. That’s the first time I’ve ever heard that one.

Then we have the train to Crewe. Not only was it delayed by 30 minutes but we were told that we had to get to Manchester Oxford Road. This was a complete mess. I finally made it to Crewe and was happy to know that the football ground is located next to the train station. I started my fundraising and I personally felt like I had more fun at Rochdale. I was then told that when I do the pitch side photos during the game that I would have to sit near the goal. I wasn’t looking forward to this as I feared that I would get a ball booted at my face or a ball would hit my camera causing it to smash. I forgot to mention that all the stewards and staff looked miserable. They all looked like they hated their jobs. Especially the stewards who were not friendly in helping me find my way around the ground.

The first half started and nothing happened! With the exception of Connor Brown getting yellow carded and booed for the remainder of the game by Crewe fans, nothing happened. It took 74 minutes until someone scored. That someone was Oldham’s Conor Wilkinson. After that goal, again nothing noteworthy happened. This had to be one of the dullest games I had attended. The only thing I found enjoyable about the game were the Oldham fans. They brought the party to Crewe and took it home with them after the game. They were singing and dancing 30 minutes before the game had even started. And they remained like that throughout the game.

I have since created a new award known as “Best Fans Award”. Previously, this award was held by AFC Wimbledon but after this game, that award now goes to Oldham Athletic. And I haven’t even visited their ground yet! I spoke to a few Oldham fans after the game telling them how happy I was to award them as Best Fans. They reacted by giving me handshakes, hugs and “having beers on me”. This did lead to chants of “Oldham is the best”. This was Oldham’s first win under new manager Dean Holden who was made manager on March 17th.

If you thought getting to Crewe on the train was a nightmare then here’s what happened on the way home. On the train to Manchester Piccadilly, a total of 200 police officers were on the train as Crowd Control for Oldham fans that all sat on the train and didn’t do anything. All they did was listen to music and chat while having a beer. Also, that train was delayed by 10 minutes. Then the train home was delayed by 15 minutes and couldn’t decide where it wanted to go. Is it taking me home or is it taking me to Edinburgh?

Overall, I had fun at Crewe but I wouldn’t want to visit them again unless I was sat in the away section. By the way, the away fans sit in the “Ice Cream Van Stand”. If you have any recommendations on where I should visit next, then leave it in the comments or send me a message on Twitter @DanWhite1993. I hope you have enjoyed this. My next blog will be about my visit to Chesterfield for England U17 vs. Slovenia U17 on Monday 23rd March. Again, I have listed my upcoming visits below with new additions being Stevenage on April 25th, Morecambe on May 2nd and Crystal Palace on May 26th for Julian Speroni’s Testimonial.

Here are the full stats about the game

Team Visited – Crewe Alexandra

Taking on – Oldham Athletic

Venue – Gresty Road

Date Visited – March 21th 2015

Overall Attendance – 4669

Score – Crewe Alexandra 0-1 Oldham Athletic

Goal Scorers – Oldham Athletic – Conor Wilkinson (74)

Yellow Cards – Oldham Athletic – Connor Brown (38)



10th – Chesterfield (England U17 vs. Slovenia U17 – VISITED BLOG COMING SOON)

11th – Arsenal (March 29th Brazil vs. Chile)

12th – Stevenage (April 25th vs. Carlisle United)

13h – Morecambe (May 2nd vs. Southend United)

14th – Crystal Palace (May 26th – Julian Speroni’s Testimonial vs. Dundee FC)

by Dan White

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