When Valentine’s Day falls on a Matchday

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You’re in a relationship and your partner is looking forward to Valentine’s Day as she has visions of being taken out for a romantic meal, and being sent a huge bouquet of flowers delivered to her door. But hang on a minute here you’re a bloke who loves his football and the day she’s got all excited about falls on a Saturday and you’ve arranged the day out with your mates as you’ve got a big away game and the tickets for the match have been sorted in advance along with the train there.

Your pals are all single and couldn’t give a toss about flowers and chocolates all they’re thinking about is meeting up in the boozer on the morning of the match before getting on the train, while you’re thinking how do I tell the girlfriend/wife that her big day won’t be romantic after all as her bloke will be cheering on his team hundreds of miles away?

You could take her with you and wine and dine her after the match, but the snag is she hates football and she can’t see the point of a load of men running around a pitch kicking a ball. And she thinks your mates are a bunch of drunken football yobs anyway who belong in a zoo, so it looks like you’re stuck with the dilemma of choosing between the football or your overly sensitive missus.

You could do what a friend of mine used to do when a match was approaching and he knew his other half wanted to go somewhere else. He would be ultra nice all week even to the point she thought he was on some illegal high as he usually would do sod all in the house but he’d do the washing up, cook the meals and even be friendly to her mother on the phone, so come the morning of the match she’d be in such a chilled mood she would wave him off at the door wishing him and his team good luck!

But not all women fall for that as they know you’re up to something when you allow her to watch Coronation Street when there’s a match on the other side and you say its okay you didn’t want to watch the game anyway. Deep down you want to scream in frustration but you have to keep calm as you’re off to a game on the Saturday which falls on her birthday.

What all football fans should do at the start of a relationship is lay your cards on the table especially if you’re serious about her and you’re thinking that this could be the one. Tell her about your passion and how football is everything to you and how you live and breathe the beautiful game. She may look at you as if you’ve just dropped in from the planet Zog and think to herself if you may even be mentally ill, but if she is relationship material at least she can have no complaints when you whip off to a game or spend money on your teams new shirt can she now ?

Another pal of mine has got his priorities right I reckon as he has remained single as his only real passion is football and he spends all his hard earned cash on the sport he loves and never even goes on holiday. Instead he saves his money for travelling up and down the country following his team and he always looks happy and contented even though the team he supports are crap.

But not all fans are that lucky are they? They may have a partner and some have kids too but if you use your brain properly having children can be a Godsend as you can get them interested in football at an early age and start taking them to matches with you and if the wife/girlfriend starts moaning about you not taking her anywhere on matchdays, you can always say that you only do it for the kids…that should do the trick !

So don’t let Valentine’s Day come between you and the football I say, as you can always make it up with her another time. But if you miss the match you might miss watching your team play a blinder or your striker scoring a wonder goal and just think how gutted you’d be then?

But if all else fails just go to the match and take your punishment on the chin!

by Kevin Halls

kevin halls profiler